Mic Diaz

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Los Angeles-based artist, Mic Diaz is an award-winning photographer and visual storyteller. Mic’s passions include photography and acrylic and watercolor painting. While her photographs capture fleeting, passing moments from her travels, her paintings depict a closer look at objects that we use in our daily lives. ​Mic has a particular interest in the history of California as well as the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, Greece, and Asia.

Some of her accomplishments include winning Seattle Visitor’s Guide's Seattle Through the Lens photo contest, curating a Watercolor Retrospective Show at Berkeley City College, and showing her work at various exhibitions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mic enjoys exploring famous and not-so-famous territory, discovering new culinary haunts, and sharing her travel and culinary experiences through her travel journal and various social media channels.

Mic is available for photographic assignments, partnerships and commission worldwide. For inquiries about representation and licensing images contact Mic.

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:: Formerly Mic DBernardo ::